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Home for the Holidays in Montreal with Cost Effective Radiant Heating

Sunset over Montreal in Winter

Montréal is the largest city in Province of Québec, Canada. Set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River and named after Mt. Royal, Montreal experiences its coldest winter weather in January with nearly the entire month’s temperatures falling just below freezing. In addition, from November and up until April, Montréal often remains below the freezing mark all day long. 

Based on data from currentresults.com the city typically has 74 days a year when the temperature never rises above 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). With consistently cold weather like that, homeowners can find solace from the harsh winter season by bringing additional warmth to their homes with radiant floor heating.

Welcome Family + Guests with a Living Room Decorated in Radiant Heat 

 These Montreal homeowners decided to install in-floor heating when remodeling their 13‘ x 19’ living room. They wanted to warm the room where their family gathered together at the holidays and for the many other special occasions during the year. They were able to heat the floors of their living room with 864 feet of 240-volt TempZone™ Cable for $1344. That equates to $7.19 per square foot. See floor plan below.

Floor plan with TempZone radiant heating cable
Floor plan with TempZone radiant heating cable

When evaluating a floor heating system, you should also factor in the operating cost. The cost to operate this system is very low. It costs 79 cents to heat the living room for 8 hours a day, according to WarmlyYours' Operating Cost Calculator. This tool factors in the average kWh cost in Montreal, which is just slightly over 7 cents. During the coldest month of the year, it costs approximately $80.00 to run this system according to WarmlyYours' Heat Loss Calculator. But this cost is an estimate and likely to be much lower depending on the primary heating source.

There are Several Options to Control your Underfloor Heating System

UDG4-4999-WY nSpire Touch Thermostat Lifestyle without LOGO
nSpire Touch Thermostat

When choosing a control for your system, consider our new nSpiration series of thermostats. All of the programmable models allow the user to customize their comfort. The nSpire Touch is one of the most popular thermostats with a 3.5” color touch screen that is programmable up to seven days. It allows you maximum control over the floor temperature with 4 programmable events for each day of the week, which is ideal for households where there will be frequent adjustments to the temperature or thermostat’s schedule.

If you want to control your thermostat from your mobile device or the web, then the nSpire Touch WiFi is the control for you. Perfect for busy schedules, the nSpire Touch WiFi’s ability to be controlled remotely can help you realize energy savings without sacrificing comfort or convenience. There is also a non-programmable option that allows you to set it and forget it for those people who won’t need to adjust their temperature often. 

Easy to Use Instant Quote and Free Installation Plan

Floor-heating system living room
Living Room with Radiant Floor Heating System

WarmlyYours makes it easy for you to get a quote for your own living room, or any room in your home, with our online Instant Quote tool. By simply entering a few of your project details you will see an instant side-by-side comparison of the recommended products with their costs. It also allows you to upload a drawing or image of your room's floor plan so that our sales team can provide you with a free customized installation plan.

A custom installation plan shows you exactly how your floor-heating system should be laid out for optimal functionality, and that will be very helpful during installation for both the installer and our technical team, in case any assistance is required. Our technical support team is available 24/7 to answer any installation questions you have. Feel free to give them a call any time at 800-875-5285.

For more information, visit www.warmlyyours.com.

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