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Making Houzz Work for Your Remodeling and Design Business

As a company in the remodeling industry researching and discovering new a helpful ways to assist your customers, you may stumble upon houzz.com.

What is Houzz?

how to make Houzz and social media work for you and your remodeling business

Houzz is a website that hosts a community of companies offering services to homeowners who are doing a remodeling project. Architecture, interior design, decorating, landscape design, and home improvement are some of the specific categories an interested person could review to find companies to help them with their remodeling project.

Like most things that are created out of need, Adi Tatarko created Houzz, as a result of a remodeling project he was doing in his own home.

The website has been estimated to have 9 million visitors each month looking for design and remodeling ideas. With over 500,000 images downloaded to their “ideabook” daily, some of those images could include your company’s successful remodeling projects.

“Houzz helps remodelers remove boundaries and open up exciting new markets,” said Tartako.

Houzz can be an extremely beneficial outlet for any company in the remodeling industry. If you’re looking to expand your influence on potential customers, Houzz will help do just that.

By bringing homeowners and remodelers to the same network community, Houzz enables both groups to build relationships much earlier, even before starting the sales process. Houzz offers many benefits to both professionals and consumers including review postings and direct access to ask questions The site allows remodeling companies to continue to build their brand, get more sales, and eventually shorten the sales process cycle.

It is strongly recommended when posting photos of your projects that they be high quality images, as this helps gain exposure and adds to your company’s credibility while giving people a visual understanding of what your company has to offer.

Take the leap into Houzz and begin the conversation there - we have. Take a look at our profile, and tell us what you think. We think that social media engagement is one of the best ways to expand your business. And, we encourage you to make Houzz work for your business by joining the website and interacting with potential customers today.

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