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Puppy Power!

Sales Person Mary Godawa and Dog JosieRecently, one of our awesome sales people, Mary, took a long weekend to spend some quality time with her dog, Josie. Josie and Mary went to Camp Dogwood where there were lots of things for the dogs (as well as their owners) to learn and do. From what I hear (mostly from Josie), they both had an awesome time!

Throughout the year, Camp Dogwood holds a fundraiser – the Dogwood Yard Sale. The event is “mostly for humans” according to their website. This year, WarmlyYours handpicked a few products and donated them to the Yard Sale Silent Auction to help raise money for important animal related issues. We selected the Under Area Rug Warmer and Under Desk Heater because we have received great feedback from animal owners whose pets love them. We also donated the Elements 4-bar Towel Warmer so the humans wouldn’t feel left out! According to Alysa Slay (one of the Directors at Camp Dogwood),

The mission of Camp Dogwood is committed to the dog, the bond between people and their dogs, and the community. As part of its commitment to the community, Camp Dogwood organizes the Dogwood Yard Sale at each camp to raise money for various dog related rescue groups and non-profits. The Dogwood Yard Sale is comprised of the generous donations of the campers and staff of Camp Dogwood - items can be gently used dog related items, gift certificates, or merchandise donated by businesses. At the Fall Camp 2009, Camp Dogwood raised approximately $1500. The recipients of this money are Rescue Cavaliers and Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois. Rescue dogs from each of these organizations have attended Camp Dogwood.

Overall, the auction was successful and everyone involved had a great time. It is also the mission of WarmlyYours to give back to the community and if we can keep a few dogs warm and cozy at the same time, all the better. Go Camp Dogwood!

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Dear Mary and Warmly Yours -
Thank you so much for not only the very generous donations to the Dogwood Yard Sale, but for taking the time to share such positive and kind remarks about Camp Dogwood. We are proud to share with you commitment to the community and wish everyone at Warmly Yours a very happy holiday season.
All the best in 2010 -
Alysa Slay
Director - Camp Dogwood

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