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Radiant Pro Selling: Are They a Buyer? 3 Ways to Tell

We’ve all been there. Trying to make a sale but by the end of your pitch you realize that you have just wasted your time with someone whom you’ll never strike a deal. It can be difficult to tell who is a legitimate buyer and who is just a curious bystander, and I guarantee no one wants to waste their time and energy on anyone who isn’t going to buy. So just how do you determine who is going to be a promising prospect?

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Start by asking difficult questions. When discussing your product with the prospect, their enthusiasm and desire for the product is not enough to clue you in that they are going to buy it. A key question to ask at the start of the conversation should be focused on budget. It is important to ask what the prospect’s budget is so you can determine if they can even afford your product. If a prospect wants WarmlyYours Sierra Towel Warmer but has a budget of $20, then you can easily conclude that although this prospect loves the product, they are not going to be a potential buyer.

Next, it’s essential to organize and track metrics. You can use many sales tracking tools to help improve efficiency of your sales cycle and identify early clients. By organizing your prospects in category and size, you can easily spot your ideal customer segment. If your metrics are messy, it will be very difficult to track and gain valuable insight on your progress with prospects.

Will they help you meet your next milestone? Your business goes through stages and it is important to conclude if the prospect will help you achieve your next milestone. In order to determine if they are a promising prospect, you need to first evaluate your metrics and which ones are critical to meeting your next milestone. By utilizing these metrics, you can focus on and pursue your target prospects. If you do come across a prospect that is not going meet those metrics, it is recommended to graciously decline.

It’s easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of a prospect. Sure, it’s fantastic to hear how much this prospect loves your product, but when it comes down to the bottom line, it’s important to clarify whether this prospect is going to be a buyer or not. Budget, metrics, and achieving your milestones should always be taken into consideration when talking to any prospect. Regardless, you should always be gracious and appreciative to anyone who shows interest in the WarmlyYours radiant heating products that you sell.

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