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Share Your Story: Unique 'Car Guy' Bathroom Project

Here at WarmlyYours we RADIATE Passion, which is all about exuding passion for your job, the products you sell, and the people you are “doing life” with – to recognize and show appreciation for each other.

Our most recent “Share Your Story” winner is from Mentor, OH, Kathy Wallace of Store with Style, who installed WarmlyYours Floor Heating in her client’s unique style bathroom.

Store with Style isn't your typical home organization and storage solution company. As a family business, Store with Style understands the importance of decor and design that's custom-made to fit homeowner's needs.Car Guy Bathroom image

In the words of Kathy Wallace of Store with Style, "We like to incorporate things into our work that people just don't think of or find everywhere. We like to use products that set us apart."

Store with Style had conquered its share of exciting jobs, but when a customer came to them asking for a totally tricked out "Car Guy" bathroom, the team knew it needed the materials to back up this fun concept. Store with Style immediately threw its game into top gear, using a red-topped, powder-coated racing cabinet for the vanity backed by brushed steel Mega Wall with diamond plate baseboard and crown. To keep the space bright, vapor jar industrial lighting was installed overhead. The team also redesigned the shower, but included a laser-etched picture of the homeowner's '57 Chevy on the tile and shower door.

But a challenge persisted. The industrial-style surfaces looked great, combining the pit stop gear head atmosphere with the sleek look and feel of classic cars. Every surface had a cool look - but the team didn't want it to feel too cool. What's worse than stepping out of the shower onto a chilly bathroom floor? What Store with Style needed was a warm and cozy solution.

"Of course, you can guess who came to the rescue," said Kathy Wallace. The Store with Style team had worked with WarmlyYours Radiant before, and it had established a long-running business relationship. They called the radiant heating experts and set up a plan.

Using signature heated floors from WarmlyYours Radiant, Kathy Wallace said, they were able to keep the bathroom's signature "Car Guy" industrial feel without the homeowners feeling like they were standing in a warehouse every time they got out of the shower.The heated floor not only warmed up the bathroom, it completed it.



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