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Turning Your Basement Into A Cozy Child's Bedroom

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As your family grows and you look for more room to make everyone feel comfortable, you might want to think about using your basement. This area can be especially helpful if you have kids who're seeking their own personal spaces and bedrooms to establish independence. However, it's no secret that bedrooms can be lackluster compared to other areas of the home. They tend to have a lack of windows and often come unfurnished, which can pose a problem to those who want to use the basement to relax and unwind.

That being said, transforming this area into a comfortable bedroom doesn't have to be time-consuming or bank-breaking. There are a few ways you can improve the coziness of a basement instantly with radiant heat, linens and ample lighting. Here are some tips for homeowners looking to renovate this space to suit a child or a teen who wants some privacy.

Install a radiant floor heating system sooner rather than later
If you remember anything from your sixth grade science class, one tidbit of information you might've held onto is the fact that warm air rises and cold air sinks. This means that your basement is likely the coldest area of your home, which can be a problem if you want it to serve as a bedroom. To override this issue, install a radiant floor heating system to give your child the comfort he or she desires. This investment can also reduce your reliance on your standard heating boiler.

Use rich colors
Better Homes and Gardens magazine reports that one way you can instantly eliminate that cold, dark feeling in your basement is by using color to warm up the space. For example, rich reds, browns and yellows can all make the basement feel more welcoming and cozy. Take this tip into account while shopping for everything from furniture to wall paint.

Make lighting a priority
It's no secret that the right lighting can do wonders for a space. Not only can it create the illusion of more room, but it can make an area feel inviting. House Beautiful magazine recommends brightening up your basement with plenty of lamps and fixtures. This can ensure you never feel like you're truly in a basement or underground while relaxing in the bedroom.

Whether you want to remodel your basement now or once your kids hit their teenage years, these pointers can help you get started.

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