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Unique Tips For An Early Summer Brunch Party

Unique tips for an early-summer brunch party

The weather's warming up, the mornings are colorful, produce is fresh and fruit has never tasted so good - seems like the perfect time of year for a brunch party. Why not devote an upcoming Saturday or Sunday to waking up early for some morning baking, cooking and decorating? Show off your kitchen and your culinary skills with these brunch tips.

1. Find a theme, find a recipe. Let one of these inform the other for your brunch. If you want a Southwest theme, then a delicious frittata filled with peppers and onions might make for an ideal dish. Maybe lighter fare would better suit the weather, in which case you could prepare blintzes and mimosas. Want to take advantage of your baking pedigree? Try your hand at scones, semi-sweet tarts or even doughnuts.

2. Enjoy bare feet, but stay comfy. Even in summer, mornings can still carry a chill, and an open airy kitchen will need a little help staying warm. Consider installing radiant heat flooring, which won't bombard you with hot air from a duct but adjust to your ideal comfort and keep bare feet warm year-round.

3. Grab a new table cloth. Especially if you're looking into patterns that contain colors that show stains easily, like white, you should take this opportunity to pick up a new table runner or two. Something festive but simple would be ideal - you don't want ostentatious colors, but relaxing blues and soft pinks.

4. Look into tableware design. Leave the fiestaware in the closet for this gathering. Tableware design is an easily overlooked part of a brunch party - after all, your bowls and plates should be full most of the time! Instead of picking tableware with staid or familiar patterns, consider more daring options, especially those with illustrations. House Beautiful suggested plates with an indigo floral motif by Thomas O'Brien that would beautifully match a décor scheme of violets, blues and whites.

Brunch isn't a traditional three-square-meal, so don't treat it too traditionally. Remember to have fun with your menu and design. Stay warm and comfy during your early morning prep and then find the ideal brunch outfit to wow your guests - as if the food and décor wouldn't have done that already!

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