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WarmlyYours Employees Train with MAPEI (en-CA)

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Modern Bathroom Lifestyle Stock PhotoFloor heating is an interesting subject with a compelling history—traceable to the hypocausts found beneath ancient Roman villas. Despite that long lineage, floor heating continues to adapt and develop to this day. Changes in flooring types and their applications, along with evolving consumer desires and expectations, have lead to corresponding adaptions in the products and practices associated with electric floor heating.

To thrive in a fast-paced industry like floor heating, it’s important for companies like WarmlyYours to practice continual education. We’re not the radiant experts by accident—it’s something that requires constant commitment, at every level of our company, to the understanding that there is always more to be learned.

One of the pillars of this commitment is our understanding that floor heating does not exist in a vacuum. It is intrinsically tied to many other fields: remodeling, electricity, and flooring, to name a few. When WarmlyYours learned that MAPEI was offering a training session in their West Chicago, IL. facility, we leapt at the chance to learn from an industry leader.

MAPEI evolved from a small family business in Italy to one of the world’s largest producers of adhesives, thinsets, and sealants in the building industry. MAPEI, who invests a significant portion of their sales revenue into product development and into providing training for professionals about the best practices for using their products, offered a training in late-August that focused on topics related to tile-flooring installations.

WarmlyYours sent staff members from several departments including sales, customer service, and technical support, to the day-long training which featured a mix of both lecture and hands-on learning. Scott Rosenbaum, the manager of technical support for WarmlyYours, said that due to their longevity and presence in the building industry, MAPEI was a great resource to learn from.

Floor Heating Customer Rep Lindsey Brown Assists with Install“WarmlyYours has been in the market since the last century and MAPEI has a lot of experience with floor heating. They were able to tell us what works well with our products,” said Rosenbaum.

The hands-on component of the training was an important learning tool for some of the other WarmlyYours staff members who did not have installation experience, he said.

“It was a chance for someone who has never laid a tile before to get in there and install with no pressure. If you make a mistake during training—who cares. At least you got your hands in there and learned something,” said Rosenbaum. “Once you do that, you start to understand how it feels to install. You start to see the individual issues that come up when you’re trying to install tiles.”

For Jen Cauley, the customer service coordinator for WarmlyYours, the training was her first time actually laying tile.

“It looks so easy but doing it yourself is far more difficult. You have to have the right tools and use the right pressures. It’s a very interesting process and I have a deep respect for the installers,” she said.

According to Cauley, it’s trainings like these that give her, and everyone at WarmlyYours, the necessary resources to improve the customer experience.

“I always tell my team to anticipate a customer’s questions and needs before they even have them. We’re a better company when we can give customers as much information as possible.”

In addition to receiving training, WarmlyYours is proud to offer trainings about our products and installation practices. Learn more about the training available from WarmlyYours here

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