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New WarmlyYours Kits Combine Shower Waterproofing & Floor Heating

Pro GEN II 32” x 60” Electric Floor Heating Shower Pan Kit with Center Drain and ABS Flange

Lake Zurich, Ill., May 8, 2019 ⎯ WarmlyYours has launched the very first combined shower waterproofing and floor heating kits for tile showers. 

WarmlyYours, a radiant heating manufacturer and distributor that specializes in electric floor heating, launched these kits earlier this week. In addition to providing a complete floor heating system (which is comprised of a TempZone™ Shower Floor Heating Mat, an nSpire Touch programmable thermostat, and a Circuit Check™ electrical continuity alarm for installation), a complete kit will provide all of the traditional components of a shower waterproofing system including: a high-density foam shower pan with integrated slope, a multi-piece drain assembly with easy-to-clean hair trap, shower curb/s, a drain grate cover, and various pieces and rolls of waterproofing membrane. 

Electric floor heating and shower waterproofing kit cross section

The launch of these kits was a measured effort to address what Julia Billen, the owner and president of WarmlyYours, saw as an unmet need in the marketplace.
“A huge number of people are installing floor heating with their waterproofing systems because they want their tile shower to feel as good as it looks,” said Billen. “However, there hasn’t been an easy way to pair electric floor heating with these pre-sized shower waterproofing kits—until now.” 
The WarmlyYours kits are available in several variants based on the size and drain orientation: 32” x 60” with a centered drain, 32” x 60” with an offset drain, and 48” x 48” with a centered drain. Other customizable options include whether or not to include a floor heating system, whether the drain assembly’s flange is in PVC or ABS material (to ensure a proper connection to existing plumbing), and a choice of 25 different drain grate covers.
Besides being the first kits of their kind, the shower waterproofing components of these kits offer some key advantages over similar systems from the competition such as:     
·      An easy-to-clean integrated hair trap in the drain assembly
·      A stronger drain flange (rated at 780 PSI vs. the competition’s rating of 250 PSI) 
·      A wider variety of high quality drain grate covers
·      A denser shower pan (3.5 lb/ft³ vs. the competition’s) which allows for the installation of a greater range of tile types, including glass tile
To see how these kits are installed, check out the video below. 


For more information, visit https://www.warmlyyours.com/shower-kits. Hi-res images and/or the video embed code are available upon request.

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