A new year brings an all-new list of kitchen designs trending in the industry, and that might be hard to keep up with. If you are remodeling or simply upgrading your kitchen, you probably already have learned that “in the world of kitchen design, efficient and creative use of space can make all the difference for the homeowner,” and Kitchen & Bath Design News agrees. Industry experts suggest it’s beneficial to have an idea in mind of what you want for a design aesthetic in the kitchen so you don’t overwhelm yourself when you start researching kitchen renovation options and find endless choices of materials and products to choose from. To make the research process easier for you, we’ve highlighted some of the top kitchen industry trends that are picking up steam in 2016. Start taking notes!

Soft, muted color palettes
This year saw a change in trending kitchen colors – that’s really good news if you’ve planned on switching up your color scheme. Interior designer Jane Lockhart explains that white themes continue to dominate, and “charcoal, grays and even neutral pastels like pale blue, pale green gray and tinted whites are [becoming] the new alternative to the standard white.” She told Houzz.com she also foresees kitchens sporting lighter wood tones, including walnuts, whitewashed woods and white oak in rift grain.

To add further interest, interior designer Gail Drury told Houzz.com that “bold primary colors, on the other hand, will be placed on the back burner. Drier colors are popular and muted blues and greens and pale yellow pastel are used as accent colors.”

Well-lit cabinetry
The kitchen is and traditionally has been a space in the home where people spend a great deal of time, and who wants to spend so much of their valuable time in a dark, dull room? That explains why Houzz reports that “homeowners [aren’t] settling for just ceiling lights and table lamps to illuminate their kitchens anymore.” The two designers are convinced that extensive cabinet lighting is a trend to watch. “Low-voltage light tape strips are used as accent pieces below cabinets, above cabinets, inside cabinets and below countertop overhangs,” Drury says. LED lights offer better mood-setting capabilities, and it’s no surprise that this feature is becoming the norm.

Integrated kitchen-living spaces

Recent research shows that kitchens must be designed in such a way to facilitate connectivity. It’s possible for many homeowners to regret the decision of revamping their space into a kitchen that feels disconnected from the rest of the home or doesn’t feel accommodating enough. Houzz noted that “Lockhart anticipates more streamlined kitchen designs in which the kitchen converges with the home’s primary living space. ‘It will become part of the main living space even further’,” she says.” By including integrated and hidden appliances, designers are merging kitchens and living rooms to boost interaction and connectivity.

Countertop heating
For years now, kitchen islands have been a trendy and upscale upgrading option. To complement both countertops and your kitchen island located at the heart of your kitchen, designers encourage the installation of countertop heaters. As an added luxury, homeowners can take the chill off of stone countertops with countertop heaters that are ultra-slim and can be easily applied underneath the existing countertop.

WarmlyYours provides custom countertop heating solutions to keep your arms from resting on cold countertops. With a low operating cost and easy installation, our countertop heaters can be installed to heat only the area you desire.

Radiant floor heating
Can anyone resist the sensation of walking barefoot on a heated floor? Remodelista suggests “if you’re just embarking on a renovation or building a new house, consider installing radiant heating (also known as underfloor heating), an energy-efficient way to keep warm throughout the cold months.” As an architect who has supervised and survived many remodels, Christine Hanway has experienced radiant floor heating in other people’s houses and covets it in her own.

Electric floor heating systems are a luxury feature that ensure your feet are never cold while walking around your kitchen. WarmlyYoursfloor heating systems can be used with nearly any flooring type, including tile, concrete, stone, hardwood, laminate, etc. This addition to your kitchen floors will not only provide comfort, but will also make the room warmer and more inviting. No more standing barefoot on the cold, chilly floors!

If you’re freshening up your kitchen in any form, WarmlyYours’ heating solutions are an investment worth making. Anyone who’s experienced the warmth of radiant floor heating can attest to the fact that floor heating adds an extra touch of luxury that you don’t want to miss out on. The kitchen is known as the heart of the house, and we’re here to ensure your home’s heart delivers soothing warmth and coziness. To learn more about our countertop heating or floor heating solutions, visit our website or give us a call at 800-875-5285. We will be happy to assist you in upgrading your kitchen with radiant heat!

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