Snow Melt Repair Kit

Snow Melt Repair Kit

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Snow Melting Accessories Description

This kit is used for repairing damaged electric snow melting heating elements. The kit contains two 20-18 AWG sealed crimp and solder connectors, one uninsulated butt connector, and one 0.4" x 6" heavy wall, adhesive-lined heat shrink tube.    



Country of Origin (COO) India

Cabling Specs

Ideal Cable Spacing 3″

Product Dimensions

Length 4″
Width 2″


UPC (GTIN-12) 881308055929

Customer Questions & Answers

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Is it okay to cut the snow melting cable if it is too long for the application for which it was designed?

Never cut the heating cable. A heating cable will not work if it has been cut. If the heating cable is too long, call WarmlyYours to consult with a technician who will guide you in utilizing the additional length of cable.

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May I cross or overlap the WarmlyYours snow melt heating cable?

When installing outdoor WarmlyYours snow melting cables for your driveway, patio, walkway, terrace, stairs, ramp, etc. - NEVER cross, overlap, or allow the heating cables to touch each other. Doing so will quickly cause a circuit failure due to excessive heat build up. Always follow the installation instructions and/or design layout plan to ensure the cable is installed with the correct spacing required for proper operation.

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Why a GFEP breaker and not a GFCI breaker for WarmlyYours outdoor deicing and snow melting systems?

This National Electric Code (NEC) required protection for fixed outdoor deicing and snow-melting equipment may be accomplished by using circuit breakers equipped with ground-fault equipment protection (GFEP) of 30 mA. It is important to understand that this required equipment protection is not the same as a 5 mA GFCI used for personal protection.

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How much does a snow melting system cost?

The heating elements for a snow melting system typically will start at $9 ($11 CAD) per sq. ft. for Snow Melting Cables and $11 ($14 CAD) per sq. ft. for Snow Melting Mats. However, you'll also want to keep in mind the cost of a control, and if required, sensor/s for your snow melting system, which will add to the cost. Use our free Quote Builder to get an idea of how much a system would cost for your project. 

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What happens if the snow melt cable is damaged during the installation?

If a cable is damaged during installation, recheck the system for continuity and confirm the integrity of the insulation with a megohmmeter, or "megger" tester, referring to the installation and testing instructions. If the cable fails any of these tests, take the following actions: clear a 3 foot square working area around the damaged section of cable, and record the cable part number from the UL tag and the location where you purchased the product. Call WarmlyYours with the above information. WarmlyYours will provide further assistance and supply a splice kit suitable for repairing the particular cable.

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Not sure why I was even worried. Great experience!

Chris J., Vaudreuil Dor, QC on 06/04/2023

I am handy but never installed a heated hardwood floor. I submitted my layout with measurements and got back a custom floor plan indicating how to install; breaker, load, spacers and where I should start. More than half way thru rolling out more than 750 feet of wire, I thought I was going to have too much which would if been a problem. But it was perfect! I was just 3 inches short but likely due to my spacing. During our first winter, the product worked great. Our kitchen was so comfortable and evenly heated. No more electric baseboards with heat at either end of the room.

Great product & outstanding follow-on support

Anonymous, Nashua, NH on 03/20/2023

It does what it says on the tin, it's held up well over time, and the follow-on support has been world-class.

Great product. Worth the price

Anonymous, New Tecumseth, ON on 01/15/2023

Easy to follow instructions. Splicing kit kept my wife extremely happy!

Great product and easy to install. Warm bathroom floors are p

Mike H., Flintridge, CA on 10/28/2022

Great product and easy to install. Warm bathroom floors are pure heaven

Great Company / Excellent Service

Richard L., Mount Olive Township, NJ on 01/18/2022

I installed heating cables from WarmlyYours in my front door stoop & steps last year and they work great. The company is great to work with offering both both great sales and technical support. They helped me plan the entire project and provided timely technical support as needed. I would definitely recommend them for any of your floor, outdoor or gutter heating projects.

Good Product

Richard L., Budd Lake, NJ on 02/15/2021

The description of the item was right on. My technical questions were promptly answered by one the many technicians.

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