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WarmlyYours is pleased to offer some of the best electric towel warmers and heated towel racks in the industry. Don't miss out on your chance to save big on the towel warmer of your dreams!

Save 25% on Select Towel Warmer Models!

While supplies last, save 25% on select WarmlyYours towel warmers. Excludes accessories, controls, and shipping. Can't be combined with other offers or promotions. Other restrictions may apply.

Barcelona - Freestanding - Plug-in - Brushed (TW-BC-08BS-FS2)

This freestanding towel warmer goes above and beyond the normal benefits of traditional wall-mounted models by also providing a huge degree of flexibility. Because the Barcelona is freestanding, it can be easily moved to any room in your home that has a 120 VAC outlet. Additionally, with the Barcelona’s arched legs,... (TW-BC-08BS-FS2)

C$649 C$486.75
Elements Towel Warmer, Polished Chrome, Plug-in, 4 Bars

Looking for the comfort of heated towels, but limited on space? The WarmlyYours Elements Towel Warmer is what you are looking for. At 16.3”W x 28.5”H x 3.5”D, it has a smaller profile and takes up less wall space. The Elements towel warmer features four rounded bars that pivot on wall mounts, allowing for convenient... (TW-E4PCP)

C$229 C$171.75
Infinity Towel Warmer - Dual Connection - Brushed (TW-F10BS-HP)

Imagine stepping out of the shower every morning and being able to use fresh-from-the-dryer towels. Now imagine not having to throw your towels in the dryer every morning or run to the laundry room after your shower. The WarmlyYours Infinity electric towel warmer allows you to do just that. With ten bars, this towel... (TW-F10BS-HP)

C$799 C$599.25
Maui Towel Warmer, Polished, Hardwired, 7 Bars (TWS1-MAU07PH)

A hardwired 120V towel warmer with 7 heated, curved bars and an integrated non-heating storage shelf. (TWS1-MAU07PH)

C$799 C$599.25
Metropolitan - Dual Connection (TW-MT-10PS-HP)

The Metropolitan is one of our most popular towel warmers for good reason—this model represents the fusion of stunning modern design aesthetics with cutting edge towel warmer technology. With this towel warmer’s polished finish and crisp, strong lines, the Metropolitan makes an immediate visual impact in any room.... (TW-MT-10PS-HP)

C$1,099 C$824.25
Milan 14 Towel Warmer, Polished, Hardwired, 14 Bars

This large hardwired, electric 120V towel warmer that comes with a highly polished finish and 14 heated, flat bars. (TWS6-MLN14PH)

C$1,099 C$824.25
Riviera - Dual Connection - Brushed (TW-R09BS-HP)

Warm towels are a luxury we don’t always get to enjoy—after all, putting towels into the dryer every time we took a shower would not only be inefficient, but inconvenient as well. Enter the Riviera towel warmer from WarmlyYours. This towel warmer is made of high-quality stainless steel with a brushed finish and has... (TW-R09BS-HP)

C$849 C$636.75
Riviera - Dual Connection - Polished (TW-R09PS-HP)

Almost nothing ensures that you’ll have a good day more than making sure your morning starts off right. A towel warmer, like the Riviera, is a simple but effective way to vastly improve your morning routine by providing you with a touch of high-end luxury in the comfort of your own bathroom. Made of high-quality... (TW-R09PS-HP)

C$849 C$636.75
Sierra - Dual Connection - Polished (TW-SR08PS-HP)

A towel warmer is more than just a simple appliance—it’s an instant upgrade to your morning routine! When a warm towel is waiting for you after your shower or bath, it makes it that much easier to start your day off right. The Sierra towel warmer provides this additional touch of luxury while also presenting itself... (TW-SR08PS-HP)

C$849 C$636.75
Vancouver Towel Warmer, Polished, Hardwired, 6 bars

A hardwired, electric 120V towel warmer with 6 heated, curved bars, polished finish, and a non-heating storage shelf. (TWS1-VNC06PH)

C$499 C$374.25

Refurbished Towel Warmers

All refurbished towel warmers are thoroughly inspected, tested, and (if applicable) repaired/restored to "like-new" condition before they are put back on sale. These items are fully functioning and include all essential parts and accessories (original or comparable substitutes). However, please note that some products may have minor cosmetic issues that will not impact their performance.

Refurbished items share the same warranty durations and terms as their "new" counterparts.

Vancouver Towel Warmer, Polished, Hardwired, 6 bars

A hardwired, electric 120V towel warmer with 6 heated, curved bars, polished finish, and a non-heating storage shelf. (TWS1-VNC06PH-BTK)

C$499 C$374.25