Double-sided tape for roof and gutter clips Fail, Rolled Roof


Our double-sided tape will not hold to roof or gutter.

Our double-sided tape will not hold the clips to a rolled roof.

Double-sided tape can only be applied to roofing materials at temperatures above 40 degrees F. At temperatures below 40, the installer may need to use something else to attach the clips to the roof or gutter.  For these jobs, recommend the use of Surebond adhesive,

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Because of the nature of rolled roof, there are no flat surfaces to attach the tape and clips.  Because of the rounded surfaces, there is a very small contact area for the clip to adhere to the roofing.  These clips have come loose in the past and the cable has released from the roofing.  Rolled steel roofs are not recommended.

Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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