LAVA or Ember Won't Heat


LAVA or Ember panel will not heat.

  1. Verify 120v power to controller.
  2. Verify 120v at load wires of controller when controller is calling for heat.
  3. Verify 120v at connection to panel at junction box at rear of panel.
  4. Verify panel power switch is in the "ON" position (if equipped).
  5. LAVA internal temperature limiters may have actuated.  Turn off unit using "Power" switch on the panel and wait 30-60 minutes for unit to reset.
  6. Disconnect panel power line from the supply in the junction box and measure panel for correct ohms.  Verify Power Switch is "ON" (if equipped).

lava 250:  48.4 Ohms

lava 500:  25.3 Ohms

lava 750:  17.15 Ohms

lava 1000:  13.2 Ohms

Ember 600:  23 Ohms

Ember 800:  18 Ohms


If ohms values are 0, OL, INF or "open circuit".  Take reading in 30 minutes.  This will allow tripped limiters to reset.  If value is still "open", unit is defective.  



Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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