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Overview of Lava mounting locations.Can the Lava be mountred in a recess in the wall?

While Etherma (manufacturer of the Lava infrared heaters) doesn't specifically list any areas where the Lava cannot be installed, it does caution the user to abide by local code guidelines.

Lava may not be installed in "wet locations" such as showers or saunas. The top, bottom, and sides must not be closer than 12 inches from any other object or surface in order to effectively radiate heat. The Lava panels may not be placed behind doors. We do not recommend installing these unit on ceilings.

When it comes to mounting a Lava unit in a recessed area in the wall, here's what Etherma recommends:

We recommend a 1.4" (3.5cm) edge joint/space perimeter around the glass for air circulation and easier installation. Furthermore, no flammable materials may be used around the LAVA. Tip: install a backlight. Looks amazing.

UL has no requirements concerning mounting of the Lava except for the mounting distances from flammable materials. But UL requires that the On/Off switch must be operable and visible.

Please check with your local electrical code prior to installing your Lava panel for restrictions on placement.

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