Tile Redi or Polyurethane Shower Pack Compatibility with Radiant Heated Flooring.


Can I put TempZone over a Tile Redi shower pan?

Can I put Floor heating over a polyurethane shower pan?

Tile Redi shower floor pans are a polyurethane composite and Tile Redi's warranty is void if used with a heated floor.  Tile Redi also indicated that many of their customers successfully use these shower pans with heated floors, although they did not know how they're installed.

WarmlyYours recommends that if a polyurethane shower pan is used, to put a skim coat of thin set over the shower pan, let dry, then install the heating elements.  This will help ensure that the polyurethane shower pan product is isolated from the heating elements.

WarmlyYours shower pans are designed to work with heated shower floors :  https://www.warmlyyours.com/en-US/shower-kits

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