Power Modulator not activating zones in manual mode


SCPM (Power Modulator) is not activating zones in manual mode.

SCPM (Power Modulator) is not activating zones in manual mode when potentially faulty aerial sensor is connected. Disconnect the aerial sensor and re-test the system in the manual mode.

The snow sensor designed to activate the internal heaters for 10 minutes every hour (when the temperature is below the set-point) in order to make sure that no such “ice canopy” will be above the sensor. Cleaning the sensor (clean the ice and scrub firmly with a cloth a bit to remove dirt or dust remains from the last summer)should indeed improve the sensor operation but the other phenomena you described are also don’t make sense.

System is not working in Manual mode –

1. The outside temperature is above the P[01] set-point


2. The upper limit sensor was disconnected or damaged, the current measuring reading is causing the system to cut-off the heating outputs. Please check P[03] value and if needed. Disable the Upper-Limit-Sensor.

Check the P[03] temperature value.

Written by Anatoliy Isayenko
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