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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I put a mirror defogger in my shower?

No. Mirror defoggers are not rated to be installed in wet locations like a shower enclosure.

No. Mirror defoggers can't be trimmed and the proper size needs to be selected to fit on an open, unobstructed area on the back of the mirror.

Yes, but please make sure not to overlap multiple heating elements over each other.

Yes. In fact, this is the most common way to operate a mirror defogger.

No. Mirror defoggers are designed to be mounted and wired to a fixed, wall-mounted mirror.

An electric heating mat is attached to the back of the mirror, which transmits gentle warmth across a mirror’s surface to prevent moisture from condensing on the mirror's surface during a shower or bath.

If you're gluing a mirror to a wall, simply apply adhesive to the mirror backing, not covered with the mirror defogger.

The mirror defogger will begin to defog the mirror within 5 minutes of operation.

A mirror defogger cold lead is 36 inches long.

Applicable Products

Mirror Defoggers

Rectangular 12" x 18" Mirror Defogger
Circular 15" Mirror Defogger
Rectangular 18" x 24" Mirror Defogger
Oval 18" x 26" Mirror Defogger
Circular 20" Mirror Defogger
Rectangular 24" x 32" Mirror Defogger
Oval 24" x 32" Mirror Defogger
Circular 25" Mirror Defogger
Rectangular 30in x 40in Mirror Defogger

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