The Importance of a Circuit Check



Heated floors can make as a comfortable addition to your home, but you'll need to install them in a specific way. Our expert, who specializes in radiant floor heating systems installation, will explain how you can use a circuit check to monitor your heated floor system during the installation process and ensure you have a working system to keep your home warm for years to come.

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Scott from WarmlyYours and today we’re going to be talking about the circuit check. The circuit check is to be used when installing your WarmlyYours heated floor system. The circuit check is a simple tester that ensures that you do not damage your mat during the installation of your system. The circuit check is not a replacement for an Ohms meter. To do a proper installation of a WarmlyYours system you’ll need both of these, a circuit check and an Ohms meter.

When you use the circuit check the circuit check actually, if you see, has three wires or three connections to be made. There's a red, a black and a green wire. These will correspond to the sections of the wire that you're going to install into them. The red and the black wires will install the center cores from each of your cold leads. They will go into the red and the black. Then, what we do is we tie together the braided teeth, which are the outer part of the wire, we tie them together and put them in the green section.

Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to replicate what’ll happen sometimes in the field if you nick the wire with your trowel or damage it with a shoe or a tool falling on it. If you hear this noise in the middle of your installation (warning siren) that tells you to immediately stop what you're doing and go back and investigate what you just did and find what happened. You want to verify that your connections are good on your circuit check and if they are good then what ever you were just doing to make the circuit check go off is an area on the mat that you want to inspect and make sure that you did not damage it.

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