Electric Floor Heating Overview with Scott



Electric in-floor heating gives your spaces—including kitchens, bathrooms and more—a lavish sense comfort. Installing heated flooring doesn't have to be difficult. Our electric floor heating system expert explains the logistics, as well as the benefits, you'll receive once you install your floor heating in your home.

Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Scott

from WarmlyYours,

and today I'd like to talk

to you about electric floor


Electric floor heating

is becoming very popular.

You've probably seen it on HGTV

and also in home remodeling


The great thing about

electric floor heating

is it makes your bathroom in

your own home feel like a spa.

Not only does it warm the

tiles that you walk upon,

it also can warm

the entire room.

Now, you may be

wondering how expensive

is it to operate our system?

And if you use the programs that

are included in our preprogrammed

thermostat, use a couple

of hours in the morning,

a few hours at night,

you do that, you

could have anywhere

from 20 to $0.25 per day

cost of operating the system.

Now you may be wondering,

is the system safe?

Well, our system is you UL

listed to be specifically used

in these applications.

So the system is very safe.

Not only can you

use it in bathrooms,

you can use it in your

kitchen or anywhere

That tile is present.

Once the tile center

has installed the system

under the floor,

call an electrician

to have the electrician

wire the warming rolls

to the thermostat and

then the thermostat

to a dedicated

circuit in your home.

It's that simple.

For more information,

see WarmlyYours.com.

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