Tech Tips: How to Test a Towel Warmer Switch

How to Test a Towel Warmer Switch


When you install a towel warmer switch on your WarmlyYours towel warmer, you’ll want to be sure that is has been installed properly and will work when you turn the warmer on. To do so, learn how to test the switch by watching this video. All you’ll need is an ohm meter and a little bit of know-how to check and make sure that the new towel warmer switch will indeed allow the warmer to heat up. If you have any questions about towel warmers and how to check to ensure that they will work, contact WarmlyYours today.

Video Transcript

We're going to talk about testing the towel warmer switch today. If you look on this towel warmer switch you will see that there are three pins sticking out of the back of it. There's a gold one and two silver ones. For us to test if the switch is working or not we're going to be placing our test ohms probes on the two silver pins.

Now that you have the probes on the two silver pins, you want to take your ohm meter and set it for ohms. You can see here we have it set for the 200 range. We can also do continuity, anything like that. All we're going to be doing is moving the switch back and forth and looking for the display on the meter to change.

If the display on the meter changes each time you turn the switch on and off it tells you that your towel warmer switch is working correctly.

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