A Concord Carpenter Installs Snow Melting Cable

In this review of WarmlyYours heated flooring systems, A Concord Carpenter installs our snow melting cable in front of a home. Watch his experience here.


When snowfall comes, you want to keep your driveway free of snow without the work or expense of shoveling or snow blowing each winter. Driveway heating systems can be a cost-effective way to melt snow on your driveway and even prevent snow from collecting. In this video, an expert explains just how streamlined and cost-conscious installing an outdoor radiant heating system can be.

What we’re doing right now is we have taken the veneer, stone veneer and we applied it to the sides and the risers of this landing. We’ve also put the first bluestone step on. Today we’re going to do a bluestone; we’re going to use the same stock. We’re going to miter the corners and we’re going to do a perimeter with this stock. Then we’re going to fill the middle with one big piece of bluestone, a big square piece.

We’re also going to lay this mesh on this walkway and we’re going to run the heat cables the long way by looping them three inches apart. If you remember we talked about, the last time we were here I clipped the corners of the concrete block so that I could run the cable down. So that we can apply these corner blocks, they have the corners cut out of them, and they basically go onto the corner like that. The cable runs behind that. There’s plenty of room. There’s tons of room and it runs down behind this one, under and down behind this one and it comes out right here. This is the heating cable that we’ll continue to loop.

One thing that we also did for future reference, for future projects is we installed a pipe right here. Plastic pipe and it runs, it will run basically underneath the walkway. That’s a conduit for future work, whether I’m running invisible fencing for a dog or whether I’m going to run some irrigation piping or wires or anything. I have this conduit here so I don’t have to disturb my walkway.

We finished the project. The Warmly Yours heating cables are installed under the walkway. The bluestone is installed. The landing is complete. We still need to tie in the house and we also need to attach the snow sensor, which is going to go on the side of the house. The snow sensor works nice because any snow or freezing rain that touches the sensor it turns on the system automatically so you’re saving energy.

It snowed here last night. We got about an inch and a half and when I came here this morning this was completely dry. It was clear, worked like a charm. There was never any snow that accumulated. It just melted as it hit.

We’re down in the basement. This is the Warmly Yours control panel. This is called the APS3C; it’s a snow melting ice controller. This is pretty much the brains of the whole system. This is a relay box where all the power comes into and goes out to the different relays and things that control the heating cables. I had the electrician install this power switch. It’s just a basic override switch. Nothing goes to this system until that light is turned on and the power is turned on.

This is useful in an emergency to turn the power off or to service anything. It’s also nice if I want to control the system manually. The system can basically be turned on by hitting the start button and it’s on. Basically with the sensor, with this switch turned on and the sensor on it will turn on automatically as long as there’s snow or freezing rain on the sensor.

Then there’s a timer here that’s called hold-on time. You set that, Warmly Yours typically recommends three or four hours. You set that hold-on time and then when the snow melts or clears off of the sensor outside, the system will stay on an additional three or four hours up to ten or down to zero if you want. To basically continue to clear the walkway and even dry it so you don’t get that black ice or slipperiness, which is nice.

The high temperature limit is for the sensor that I placed in the slab; that it not allow the slab to get over a certain temperature. I have this set for forty degrees. We really don’t need anything that much higher than that. We just need to melt the snow off, thirty-two degrees. That’s that. That’s the system in a nutshell. I really like the system. It worked well. It was super easy to install. We installed this nice mounting board as well, to keep everything nice and clean. The steps are right behind us. That’s where we decided to mount everything, right where we wanted it. Super, super easy to install; a really nice product, I’m very impressed with it.

I’m Rob Robillard, you’re at AConcordCarpenter.com and we’ll see you at the next review. Take care.