Prodeso ProBand Quick Overview

In this video, we should you how to complete a Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane installation with the waterproofing accessories - ProBand. Our guide will show you how to seal an adjoining seam, perimeter seam, inside corner and outside corner for a waterproof barrier in a bathroom floor.

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Instructions for working with ProBand accessories:

Cut a strip of ProBand that matches the length of the seam or use inside/outside corner pieces where applicable. Spread thinset over the seam/corner, after the floor heating cable has been installed. Place the ProBand tape over the seam and thinset. Press into place with scraper tool and to remove excess thinset and improve adhesion.

For a perimeter seam, form an L shape with the tape to apply to both the floor and wall seam. Using a sponge, remove excess thinset from wall.

For inside and outside corners, use applicable corner pieces that are pre-assembled.

When installed correctly, these products will create a waterproof barrier for the bathroom floor.

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