A Concord Carpenter Revisits a Snow Melting Cable System Installation

Rob Robillard, of AConcordCarpenter.com returns to the job site of a previously installed Snow Melting System and reports back on the benefits.

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Hi. I’m Rob Robillard and you’re at AConcordCarpenter.com. Last year, I put this walkway in, and underneath this walkway is Warmly Yours snow melting cables. I came back here today to check it out and see how it worked. This is the very first snow storm of the season. We have a million people without power, tree lines. We’ve got telephone lines, electric lines, trees down everywhere from heavy, heavy wet snow. We've got about four inches of snow, and it compacted to about two inches of heavy wet slush. As you can see, the walkway is dry, and that's because it melted the snow throughout the storm, and it heated for about three hours after the storm and dried it. The only reason why the stoop is wet is because the roof above keeps dripping, melting down on top of it.

I'm super impressed. This continues to be an unbelievable product. You need to check it out. WarmlyYours.com, snow melting cables.