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Learn about In-Floor Electric Heat to Sell Radiant Heating Systems


Radiant floor heating is rising in popularity for homeowners. When you sell in-floor electric heating, you should know some of the benefits behind this flooring system. Electric radiant heating can make a room feel warm and inviting while still fitting within homeowners’ budgets. Learn more about radiant heating floors and how they can enhance your customers’ day-to-day lives.

Video Transcript

Hi. Welcome to Warmly Yours University Online. My name is Lindy. I'm going to be your host today, and I'm going to train you on how to sell electric floor heating systems. I'm an extremely passionate person, when it comes to these types of systems, and really, what my objective is today, is to help you make more sales and increase your margins. First, look for luxury customers. Luxury customers are the customers who will spend a little more, to get a nice, marble or stone floor. Chances are, they don't want this floor to be cold. The luxury customers simply want the comfort of walking on a nice, warm floor in their bathrooms or their kitchens. Electric floor heating has become so popular, that Builder Magazine recently featured it as the number one product to put in a home.

Second, also look for need customers. Need customers are customers who need a little bit of extra heat in one of their rooms. There are many need customers out there, more than you probably think. Over 60% of old homes in America have cold rooms that never seem to get as warm as the rest of the house. For instance, watch for home owners who have a cold bedroom above the garage. This happens all the time in northern states. That bedroom is always too cold, and a radiant heat is a perfect heating solution to warm up that floor.

Another room that is often too cold and inadequately heated, is the basement. Often, a room that used to be too damp, too cold, the basement is now warm enough, comfortable enough, dry enough; thanks to the addition of electric floor heating. When customers buy a new basement floor, remember that electric floor heating can add extra heat, and make a huge difference in the livability of their basement. Finally, look for new room additions, where a new heating system is required. When a home owner is installing a new sunroom floor, she also most likely, is looking for a heating system to heat that sun room. It's very difficult and very expensive to reconfigure your existing home's heating system, to heat these types of rooms.

You've probably installed flooring in dozens or hundreds of cold, inadequately heated rooms; so think about these need customers. They represent for you, a great opportunity to sell an electric floor heating system. This is what a typical need customer will say. "Warmly yours," has been a really great addition to my home. This is the only source of heat in the room, and it is a dramatic improvement from the electric baseboard heaters we previously used. It works beautifully with the natural slate tile, as it holds the heat for four hours, after the thermostat has turned off." William Scosh, California.

Now let's talk about where and when electric floor heat makes the most sense for your customers. The bathroom is a no-brainer. It is the number one application for electric floor heating. Make sure you offer up a warm floor, with all your bathroom flooring projects. The kitchen is also a real popular application for electric floor heating. Kitchen is often the heart of the home, where home owners spend the most time with their families. It makes sense to want to maximize the comfort in this room. With kitchens, also make sure that you offer a warm floor every time, to maximize your sales. Basements, sun rooms, and family rooms are also popular applications. Simply bring up electric floor heating, only if you feel that you are talking to a luxury customer or a need customer, who would require additional heat in these rooms.

Once your customers are interested in electric floor heating, really what you should do, is send us a plan or a sketch of the room. This is the type of floor plan that you would send us, with the location and size of any permanent fixtures, such as tubs, vanities, cabinets, and refrigerators. Simply fax that plan to your account manager at Warmly Yours. The very next business day, you will receive your quote, with everything you need for your electric floor heating project. Now, take a look at this. This is the custom installation plan that we provide at no cost, with every quote. This custom installation plan shows you exactly how the system is installed in the room. Show this installation plan to your customers. We find that this is a great tool to help you close the sale.

Warmly Yours has been featured in the Inc. 5000 rankings of the fastest growing companies in America. The electric floor heating market is growing very fast, so stay tuned, to learn how you can benefit and grow your own business, by selling more electric floor heating systems.

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