Sales Training 6 - Retail Sales

Sales Tips and Customer Demonstrations for Selling In-Floor Radiant Heating Systems


The best way to show customers the lavish, inviting warmth that electric radiant heat can provide is to show them. To do this, you can set up radiant heat displays throughout your showroom—either countertop displays or in your actual floor—and let them feel the radiant heat for themselves. Once they discover how luxurious this is, they’ll want heated floors for their home.

Video Transcript

Let’s now discuss how to increase electric floor heating sales in your store. We have found the most effective way to sell electric floor heating is to let your customers touch a warm tile. Invite them to place their hand on a heated tile and let them experience the warmth. You can talk as much as you would like about the benefits of electric floor heating, but nothing has more influence than letting them touch a warm tile or an actual heated floor in your showroom. You will see a positive "wow" reaction as soon as a customer experience this warmth first-hand. Remember, having them actually touch a heated tile or floor is the key to selling electric floor heating. At Warmly Yours, we offer two types of heated displays. These displays were created to help you boost sales as customers experience the warmth of electric floor heating in your store.

First, we recommend a heated countertop display. This is a must-have for your showroom. It's easy to display and takes only one square foot of space. All you do is plug it in. Then simply invite your customers to touch the warm tile, and you're on your way to selling electric floor heating. If your store sells tile, make sure that you position the heated display in or near the tile area of your showroom. Tile shoppers are the best prospects for radiant heat, and if your display is positioned away from the tile area, you will lose valuable sales. To really increase your floor-heating sales, we strongly recommend that you also install an actual heated floor right in your showroom. If you consider replacing your showroom flooring, think about adding radiant heat with our radiant showroom package. The radiant showroom package includes a floor-warming roll, a control, and decorative metal tiles, everything you will need to warm a portion of your showroom floor. The decorative metal tiles can be easily installed with your new floor. These tiles will do the talking for you. They're a great way to make sure your customers know that the floor is heated.

At Warmly Yours, we also offer other merchandising materials to help support your floor-heating sales. We offer a variety of take-one brochures and product sample cards to inform your customers about electric floor heating. All Warmly Yours merchandising materials were designed to help you sell electric floor heating, so be sure to ask your account manager about our display and our merchandising options today.

In closing, studies have shown a large number of customers still don't know about electric floor heating. Recently, "Qualified Remodeler" magazine surveyed home owners who had just completed a bathroom remodel. Electric floor heating came up as the top forgotten feature that home owners wished they had installed. Make sure your customers have no regrets and let them know about electric floor heating. Remember, the most important thing is to be proactive and introduce your customers to experience the warmth of electric floor heating. Make sure your heated displays are visible in your store. We have found if you do that, your electric floor heating sales will skyrocket. Thank you for watching this online training video.

Before you go, there's one more thing I'd like to offer. Now that you have learned about the electric floor heating system, we invite you to take part in our Learn & Earn SPIFF program. For every sale of electric floor heating that you make, you can earn $50. It's easy. Simply click on the banner on this page and learn how to start earning credit today. This is Lindy Alo from Warmly Yours. Thank you for watching. Warmly Yours ... Making comfort easy.

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