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How to Transform Your Bathroom into an In-Home Spa

A trip to the spa can quickly make any man or woman feel like royalty. The soothing music, the calming cucumber water and — above all — the pampering services make for a luxurious experience that leave you...

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Experiencing the Magic of Radiant Heat in an Entryway

"Open sesame!" When you utter this phrase, you might expect the doors in front of you to magically open and reveal a secret room filled with treasure. You might imagine finding mounds of gold coins,...

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How to Combine Radiant Heat with Eclectic Design

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of furniture only to talk yourself out of it because it doesn't match your existing décor? Why not consider an eclectic approach to decorating? Eclectic home design...

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Where to Find the Best Radiant Heating Videos

The online video platform YouTube kicked off in 2005 when three friends joined together to create a website in which users could upload, share and view videos. By 2007, it is estimated that...

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