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A Day in the Life of a WarmlyYours Job

Jordan's Job 1Although some of our products don’t need any more installation than removing from them from the box and plugging them in, our electric floor heating systems require a little more preparation before install.

The project is the Jordan residence in Northern Ontario, Canada. At the time, the home was still under construction so the Jordans were making decisions about everything from paint colors to heating. The conventional option to heat their home would have been baseboard heating, but the location of the windows was too low to the ground. The Jordans really liked the placement of the windows, so it turned out that baseboard heating was not a viable option. Also, there were ten rooms in the house that needed to be heated, and baseboard heating for the project would have been very expensive.

The window placement turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it prompted the Jordans to do additional research about how to heat their home and that’s how they found WarmlyYours. They discovered that WarmlyYours concrete heating systems were a perfect fit since they could be installed before the contractor poured the concrete floors.

Jordan's Job 2There were two minor things to deal with up front. First, the house had very specific amperage requirements that had to be met. Second, the contractor was apprehensive about installing the slab heating because he did not have any experience with our systems. His main concern was whether the concrete would pour through the openings in the mat. Little did he know, our 24/7 installation experts walk contractors through installations of our systems everyday.

WarmlyYours staff went to work on the project. First, using the floor plan of the home, WarmlyYours dedicated account manager, Elodie Pasek, enlisted our engineering staff. They designed a custom installation plan that included both cable and mat concrete heating product that met the amperage requirements of the house. As the house went through different stages of construction and the requirements changed, WarmlyYours engineers modified those plans, free of charge, of course!

The Jordans had many questions about their new heating system, and understandably so. How well will the mat system would work as compared to the cable system? How would the installation go? Would the concrete pour smoothly through the mat? How would all the connections work? And, how long would it take to get the product? The Jordans appreciated that they had a dedicated account manager to answer all their questions and were reassured by the fact that someone is ALWAYS available, 24/7, to assist them and their installers.

Jordan's Job 3WarmlyYours stayed in constant contact with the contractors on site and throughout the entire installation. In the end, it all went according to plan. The electrician had the following to say about the actual installation: “We had to install both cables and mats for this house. I personally love working with the mesh (mats) more than the cable as it took me 10 minutes per mat to put down whereas the cable needed to be measured to proper spacing and then strapped down, which is more time consuming. The floor plans were very helpful to determine which size would go for each room.” That’s a sentiment we hear often at WarmlyYours – mats are easier to install.

The Jordans now have a radiant heating system that makes quick work of the Canadian Winters without exceeding the electrical capacity of the home. It turns out that installing concrete floor heating was also less expensive than baseboard heating and the other systems that the Jordans explored, so it was a winning proposition for everyone.

This might sound like an extraordinary amount of work for one sale, but it’s all in a day’s work for us.

Vickie L. Wash, Esq.
Marketing Communications Manager

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