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April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Karl's Home It’s just about the time to start planning your garden for the 2010 spring season! More and more baby boomers are investing in their homes – creating beautifully landscaped yards and gardens as well as outdoor living spaces that are just as inviting as the indoor ones. Sprucing up the outside a bit increases the value of your home and helps to create a place that you can escape to relax and enjoy family and friends. This spring, why not add some radiant warmth to your outdoor living space? It’s the perfect time to install patio heating. You’ll enjoy your morning cup of coffee and your gorgeous garden beds a whole lot more if you are warm and comfortable. With WarmlyYours outdoor heating, it really is possible! Our products can be installed under concrete, asphalt, and in mortar beneath pavers, so no matter what kind of outdoor oasis you’d like to create, we can warm it up. Just think about how much you’ll enjoy your outdoor patio refuge when you get home from work. A warm patio and a lovely garden are just what you need to transport you to a different place and help you to forget all the stresses of the day. And really, who couldn’t use a little more rest and relaxation with this fast paced society we live in now?

Finding out if this is a solution for your home is easy. Simply call one of our Account Managers at (800) 875-5285 or visit our website at https://www.warmlyyours.com/en-US/radiant-heating/snow-melting-systems/heated-patio-surfaces/ to learn more. Happy planting!

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