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Customers Love Us, They Really Love Us!

Karl from Arizona recently wrote us a great testimonial. I liked it so much I decided to put it on the blog as is! Thanks, Karl!

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We love our house in the mountains of Northern Arizona. The living room has tall picture windows and a cathedral ceiling making it open and airy, but drafty and chilly in the winter. It wasn't unusual for us to be huddled under blankets with the furnace roaring and a space heater keeping the toes warm, just to watch TV!

When we planned to replace the carpet that was wearing out with laminate flooring, my wife and I did a lot of research into radiant heating. We were very excited to find the Warmly Yours website. This looked like the ideal solution; mats available in various sizes, a programmable thermostat and easy installation. I was further pleasantly surprised after placing an order to receive a personal phone call from Mary Godawa who helped answer questions about working with our electrician.

The big box of mats arrived and I realized that the power supply cords for the mats were going to be thicker than the underlayment of the flooring would allow. A quick consultation with the electrician and we had the solution. I drilled small holes through the sub-flooring and ran the wiring in the crawl space. We were good to go! The mats lay down easily and the thermostat installed without a hitch.

The difference was immediate and amazing. We can sit comfortably in the room in our shirtsleeves, no space heater buzzing in the corner. The best part is doing yoga on our new wood floor. It's so easy to relax when the yoga mat is warmed so well from below. We love the look and especially the feel of our new room. Thanks, WarmlyYours!

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