Shower InstallationMy name is Mary, and I am in the process of remodeling my bathroom. I read in a design magazine that homeowners use their bathtubs only about three times per year on average. Most people prefer to use the shower rather than the tub, and so do my husband and I. So we decided to design our bathroom with an oversized shower, and to include no bathtub at all. I wanted the shower to be the center of attention in the master bath.

We designed the shower to have a comfortable seating area, but we did not want to sit on cold tile bench. We had already planned to install electric floor heating. Then, I found out that WarmlyYours also offers a shower heating system, and it seemed to be exactly what we needed. The WarmlyYours heating mat is very thin and was extremely easy to install so the entire installation went very well. The most difficult part was installing the transformer and floor heating thermostat. Because both WarmlyYours and the local electrical code recommend the installation of a low voltage electric floor heating system in the shower, a transformer was required to turn the 110V electricity into 24V. The radiant heating was an additional expense; however, I am so glad to have warm floors in my bathroom and in the shower. The tile bench is a real bonus! Having a bathroom filled with radiant heating will make for a very cozy and comfortable morning routine.