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Keep Your Kitchen Cozy With Any Of These Stylish Winter Makeovers

Keep your kitchen cozy with any of these stylish winter makeovers

Winter is a great time for kitchen makeovers. While you might have been concerned about keeping your kitchen design open and breathable all summer long, the crisp fall weather is coming to a close and the outdoors is about to get chilly and inhospitable. For that reason, you'll definitely want to check out some stylish kitchen options geared toward making your space warm, cozy and inviting. Consider these options, but also keep in mind that the most effective way to have a green and heated kitchen is through radiant floor heating. Not only will it improve your air quality drastically, you'll see a difference in your utility bills, and Mother Nature is sure to appreciate it. Look into radiant heat to complement any of these kitchen designs.

The coffee shop
Everyone loves taking the trip to their favorite coffee shop, where they can order that java and settle into a comfortably worn armchair while indulging in a novel or short story collection. Why not take some of that charm and atmosphere home with you? A kitchen coffee shop design may benefit from a few structural features - like a coffee bar equipped with the necessary machines and appliances - but it's mostly about atmosphere. Instead of a table, move a couch into your eat in kitchen. Bring a bookshelf in and make your kitchen more homelike!

The country kitchen
Country kitchen covers a wide variety of styles, so the first thing you'll want to do is decide how rustic you want to go. Wood cabinetry is practically a must, however. Stylish vintage wallpaper also makes for a good choice, and depending on whether you'd prefer French countryside or more of an American mountain lodge style of rustic, you should seek out curtain patterns, furniture and even napkins that fit that design. Exposed ceiling beams and craftsman molding on islands, cabinetry and other fixtures can help as well!

The bakery
Have you always dreamed of owning your own small bakery? The next best thing may just be styling your kitchen after one! To get the right look, you'll want to find a color scheme that complements the confectionery trade. Lots of white or powdery hues should work well, and contrast this with brass accents and other small fixtures styled after antique grocers. Large-scale chalkboards stylized after bakery or sandwich shop menus can be a fun and good-looking addition as well - and useful as well, especially if you've got a busy family life!

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