Keeping your bathroom comfortable and green in any season

Going green is a great option for any room in your house - From the kitchen with its energy-efficient appliances to the home office and your Energy Star certified computer. But it may surprise you to find that the bathroom is one of the most readily greened spaces in the home. If you're looking for ways to shrink your carbon footprint in the loo, consider these seasonal tips.

It's summertime, so the bathroom is sure to be a den of humidity. To avoid the ravages of mold and mildew on either your allergies or your bathroom walls, make sure and run your bathrooms ventilating fan during and after steam showers. Be sure to crack a window too, or even consider taking cool showers - these will lower your body temperature and keep your bathroom from fogging up, all at once. If you're living in a small apartment or are having real humidity issues, consider investing in a portable dehumidifier. Keeping mold and mildew out mean you'll be using fewer cleaners and chemicals and your air quality will stay good.

Autumn will be a great season to do some bathroom makeovers. As your family begins taking longer and warmer showers, consider investing in a water saving showerhead. This will cut down significantly on your water use, but you should also take into account that heating up water for the shower is an electricity-guzzling process. By keeping showers short, you can't reign in your carbon footprint and conserve water at once.

This is the season to get yourself some radiant heat as a Christmas present. Even if you don't take the radiant heat flooring plunge this year, consider investing in a mirror defogger or towel warmer from WarmlyYours. These are both energy-efficient amenities, sure to keep you warm all through the cold spells of December into March.

As you begin the seasonal cleaning, declutter your bathroom but also take the time to invest in an eco-friendly toilet. These water conserving models come in variety of types, some with dual flush functions (more water for no. 2, less water for no. 1) and others that go so far as to compost your waste. Why not make the pledge to only buy recycled toilet paper from this point forth? While you're conserving water and energy, you might as well do the forests of earth a favor as well. And if you're really looking to take the green plunge - or just have a flair for European bathroom fixtures - why not invest in a bidet?