Scott and Dozzzer

At WarmlyYours we know that your household is often more than just the people in it. Get to know us by getting to know our pets.

Meet Scott Rosenbaum, manager of technical support for WarmlyYours, and Dozzzer, an eight-year-old ruby-colored cavalier King Charles spaniel.

How did you meet? How long have you known each other?

He was my girlfriend’s son’s dog. Her son was deployed to Afghanistan a couple of times, so we ended up adopting Dozzzer. We’re really his grandparents.

He was already kind of grown up when we met him. When he was little he was quite rambunctious, but he was really very loveable. He’s a fan of all people so he’s very easy to get along with.

I mean look at him, he’s off the charts in terms of cuteness.  

Do you have any "pet peeves" when it comes to each other?

Scott: Dozzzer will sit in the kitchen, which has sliding glass doors, and bark at everything that moves. After he does that for about 45 minutes, he sleeps for the rest of the day.

So, you know, it’s a pretty demanding schedule.

Dozzzer: Dozzzer's not really a big fan of baths. Until he has the bath. Then he’s so excited he runs off tearing through the house. Getting him in is the hard part.

He’s also very impatient if he feels that he’s earned a treat. He wants it right away.

Favorite room of the house and why?

Dozzzer is off the charts cute.If Dozzzer had his druthers, he’d either pick the kitchen, because that’s where the glass doors are, or the living room, because that’s where my chair is.

He loves to sleep in my chair but so do I, so we don’t always see eye-to-eye on that particular issue.

Favorite memory together?

He likes to come out and watch while I’m working on the AMC car in the garage. I might be fixing the locks or the air conditioning and he’ll just sit in the car and watch me. It’s our guy time.

Interesting info:

  • Ruby is the least prevalent coloring among cavalier King Charles spaniels.

  • Dozzzer is avid sports fan. He has a White Sox jersey and an IU Hoosiers jersey, so he’ll alternate depending on what’s in season.

  • Scott keeps Dozzzer’s ear-hair short to avoid ear infections.

Dozzzer is rocking his team colors.

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