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Radiant Heating For Floors

We here at www.warmlyyours.com (a fabulous radiant heating company) have noticed a trend in the types of words used to search the internet for radiant heating products. After giving it some thought, I decided to share this knowledge with all of you. It was brought to my attention that there are a lot of folks (myself included, so don’t feel badly) who search for radiant heating products by spelling the word radiant with an “e’ as radient heating or radient floors. Clearly, this misspelling is not done intentionally, but most probably a result of the searcher’s haste to find out more information about all the wonderful radiant heating products in the marketplace! While, this is in no way a catastrophe, it does raise some questions about the difference between blogging for passion and blogging for keyword optimization. Because I am a writer for the corporate world, I probably should not reveal to my readers that including keywords in web copy is very important to the art of raising a company’s rankings with search engines, like Google and Yahoo. There is a fine art in trying to raise your rankings while still creating useful and informative articles (bloggers with passion). Sometimes writers spend a lot of time saying nothing just to stuff enough keywords in the article to optimize it for the search engines (bloggers for optimization.) But how far can someone go without completely selling out?

Recently, a colleague suggested that I write an article littered with the incorrect spelling of radiant heating, i.e., radient heating, rather than using the correct spelling of the word. Doing so would push my writings higher up in the search engine rankings for those who are searching with the incorrect spelling. That way, they would be more likely to find our company (and possibly buy our radiant heating products). At first, I objected. I thought it would de-passionize (is that even a word?) everything I’ve written so far, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Just because someone misspells a word doesn’t mean that they should miss out on all the wonderful information out there in cyberspace about the subject matter they are interested in! So I broke down and decided (just for this time) that I would be radiant floor AND radient floor friendly while at the same time giving my readers a spelling tutorial!

Lesson learned? Oh, you didn’t want a lesson? Then please read more about us and our all of our products at www.warmlyyours.com!

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