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The Ugliest Kitchen Contest Heats Up with Radiant Warmth

ugliest kitchen contest and radiant heat

The kitchen is the hub of all activity in the home, and is often the most neglected and under improved room in the whole house. From outdated cabinets to floors that have seen better days, renovation and remodel is the clear solution.

A beautiful kitchen is something we believe everyone deserves, and so does Patricia Davis Brown over at Dig this Design, with her latest "Ugliest Kitchen Contest" where finalists compete to win Patricia's brilliant interior design plans and a project team for their "ugly" kitchen renovation. And, to top it off, we are thrilled for the opportunity to heat up the competition by offering floor heating to the contest winner.

You can go vote for the "Ugliest Kitchen Contest" here!

We love this contest idea because we believe that beautiful kitchens deserve beautiful heat.

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