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Three Tips For Designing A Warm, Comforting Nursery


There's nothing more thrilling than expecting your first child. However, a new baby comes with a series of responsibilities - ensuring you have the proper clothing, furnishings and other necessities to keep your child happy and healthy.

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One room you'll need to focus on adjusting for the sake of your child is his or her bedroom. Whether you have a nursery dedicated to the infant or you need to renovate an existing room, there are a few ways you can make sure the area is warm and inviting. Radiant floor heating, a cozy crib and changing table can all improve the comfort level of a nursery. Here are some additional tips on how enhance the decor and overall environment of your baby's space.

1. Make warmth a priority.
You don't want your baby to cry while his in her crib due to a lack of warmth! This means more work for you and less comfort for the entire family. Consider installing a floor heating system to ensure you and your little one never have to worry about catching a chill. Furthermore, this can keep you from dreading having to walk on cold floors in the middle of the night to take care of your baby.

2. Go neutral.
Whether you want to learn the gender of your baby ahead of time or you simply want to make the design process easier, Homedit.com recommends going neutral with your color choices. Beige, eggshell and chocolate brown can all make it easier to shop for furnishings and decor. Furthermore, they can create an elegant look with little effort. Choosing to go neutral can also prevent you from having to change the design drastically once your infant grows over time.

3. Keep it playful.
There's no better place for you to bring out your inner child than in your baby's nursery. Parents magazine recommends going playful with your decor to make the space beautiful as well as enjoyable for your little one. Consider picking a theme such as zoo animals or ocean creatures to make the room fun to design. Experiment with different textures and patterns to add visual interest to the space.

While it can be stressful to design a nursery if you've never done so before, taking these tips into account can make the process simpler. In the end, you'll forget that you're working on a project and feel more like you're expanding upon your design dreams.

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