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Updating Your Children's Rooms For The Winter Weather

Now that December is here, you're probably busy finding a tree, setting up the outdoor lights or taking the menorah out of storage. Whatever your holiday traditions, don't forget that keeping your house warm and cozy is your number one objective - especially in the bedrooms. While you're certainly capable of winterizing your own space, make sure your kids are cozy and comfortable in their bedrooms too. If you're looking for a quick checklist of great ideas for keeping a bedroom warm all winter long, consider these fantastic suggestions.

Radiant heat
If there's one term that's synonymous with green heating and eco-friendly energy, it's radiant heat. Unlike central heat and other forced hot air systems, radiant heat offers homeowners excellent air quality standards. Rather than having dusty vents blowing around allergens in gusts of hot air, radiant heat flooring systems are installed under the floor and heats the room from the ground up with all natural convection currents. Even better, radiant heat is compatible with a whole range of flooring types, making installation quick and easy. If you're looking to improve the air quality in your children's rooms while reducing your eco-footprint, keeping them warm and even saving some money on your utilities bill, this is the way to go!

Choose Energy Star certified windows, doors and skylights
But heating your home doesn't do much good if you don't have the right sort of sealant and insulation to keep that heat there. Rather than let warmth slip out through cracks and drafts in your home, consider investing in Energy Star certified residential windows, doors and skylights. According to the federal Energy Star website, these fixtures can help to reduce energy bills by up to 15 percent - plus they offer the environment a huge break, so you're sure to feel guilt-free about the investment.

Carpets and rugs
While radiant floor heating is sure to keep the floor warm, a few carpets or area rugs can go a long way toward amplifying that heat and storing it. Plus they're comfy and cozy on bare feet.

Extra blankets
Don't forget that when there's a little extra chill - as is bound to happen when the temperatures drop and the snow is falling - sometimes a blanket is exactly what you and your loved ones need. Keep spares easily accessible and be sure that your kids know exactly where these are.

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