WarmlyYours Employee, Erin Mitmoen and husbandObviously, I work for WarmlyYours, so I hear good things about our radiant heating products all the time. Sure, that might make you think I am biased, but I don’t make decisions lightly. Usually making a decision requires hours of researching and then I have to weigh the pros and cons. Having said that, I’ve been trying to persuade my husband to consider installing an electric floor heating system so that we won’t have to rely so heavily on our seriously inefficient forced air system. He has asthma and I’m cold a lot. Right now, I have to turn the heat up really high in the winter just to sleep through the night, and our heating bills in our new home are twice as high as we expected (probably because of me). To get back to the point, I’ve tried selling my husband on the idea of using it in the kitchen for months now. Why not? We have to remodel the kitchen anyway and now would be the perfect time. I’ve said things like: “We are getting tile floors and they are cold. The kitchen is drafty and studies have shown that when the floors are warm people feel warm.” And, I even tried, “When we sell the house, the floor heating system will add value.” Nothing seemed to get through to him, so finally I decided to forgo the arguing and just let him have his way. (Ladies, you have to pick your battles, right?)

Yesterday, on our way to a family dinner he came out of the blue with his ‘new’ idea and said, “I think we should get radiant heating.” My jaw dropped and I immediately had the thought, “Are you kidding? I’ve been talking about this for months!” I kept that thought to myself and said instead, “Really? That’s a good idea.” Game, set, match. Wife-1, husband-0!