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“Industry Intel: New Home Sales at a Five-Month High”

According to newly released data from the U.S. Commerce Department, new construction single-family homes rose 5.7 percent in September, making it the fastest growth of new-home sales in the past five months. The largest gains were in the Southern (11.2+) and Western (9.7+) regions of the US. This newsworthy industry intel is certainly a boost to all who are in the home construction business. Read More

“Jericho Home Improvements: WarmlyYours”

There you are. It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, and you stretch and smile at the possibilities of the day. You climb out of bed, still clinging to dreams, as your craving for coffee increases. So you walk towards the kitchen to start the pot and the BAM! Instantly you are shocked and rattled! Your toes begin to go numb and little icicles form between them. The morning that began so pleasantly is ruined! Well, Jericho can help. Read More

"Radiant Heat Sets the New Gold Standard for Home Heating in Canada”

National survey shows homeowners want home heating systems to provide clean air, energy efficiencies and no more bulky ductwork. Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and imported tile top many homeowners "must have" lists when they are renovating or building a new home. But the majority of checklists are missing one vital component that will make their home perfect in every way: a radiant home heating system. Read More

“Extreme How-To: Waves of Warmth: Radiant Heat Flooring”

Have you ever noticed that no matter how warm your house is, if your feet are cold then you feel cold all over? Even if the air in your house hovers around the 70-degree mark, that warm air is attempting to heat everything surrounding it to that temperature. These surrounding elements include your floors, walls and ceilings, all of which are colder than the air temperature and draw heat away from your body. Read More


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