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"The 2012 Melting Hot Sale - Save 10-15%"

TGIF! And, what a GREAT Friday it is! Today marks the start of our Melting Hot Sale, where you can save 10-15% on Snow Melting and Slab Heating, now through July 31! That's right, when the temperature rises, the season for installing your snow melting systems is just beginning! So, jump on board and start saving today! During WarmlyYours Melting Hot Sale 2012, all snow melting and slab heating cables, mat systems and controls are being offered at an incredible savings! Summer is the right time to buy and install - choose to be like the grasshopper who prepared for the winter months during the summer!Read More

"Meet the Neighbors: Hispanic Home Buyers Skyrocketing"

In a report released last month, the U.S. Census Bureau said in 2011 minorities became a majority of America’s young. More than half of all infants born in the U.S. last year were minorities or multiracial. Much has been written about the report and the changing face of America. What we haven’t seen is how this trend might affect the real estate industry. To tackle the questions we studied prominent reports to create a picture of the emerging Hispanic home buyer. Read More

"Improving your marketing tactics as an architect during tough economic times"

As an architect, it can be difficult to attract clients during tough economic conditions. Many homeowners become concerned with saving money rather than putting it toward upgrades in their living spaces. However, many people don't realize that making improvements to their homes can actually benefit them by increasing the value of their property. Here are a couple of ways that you can market your goods and services to not only improve your bottom line, but benefit potential clients. Read More

"Top 3 Opulent Bathroom Additions that Won't Break the Bank"

As one of the most frequently-used spaces in your home, your bathroom will see a lot of use over the coming spring and summer entertaining season. If you've been putting off the thought of remodeling your bathroom, you don't have to start knocking down walls and replacing flooring to give the space a facelift. There are various functional and attractive upgrades you can make in your home that will improve its utility and impress your guests throughout the coming seasons. Read More


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