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“WarmlyYours Gives Back: Rupert’s Kids Ladies Night Out”

“LIFE IS GOOD. BE YOU. GIVE BACK.” This is one of the many motivations that Rupert Boneham, teen mentor and reality television star from “Survivor: Pearl Islands,” encourages when it comes to the youth in our culture. Read More

“Radiant Heat Flooring - More Than Keeping Your Feet Warm”

How many times have you walked barefoot on your tile floor in the middle of winter and said “Man that’s cold!”? A few times I’m sure. Well, with radiant floor heating you can say goodbye to cold feet on your tile floor. Radiant floor heating goes further than just keeping the floors in your home warm. It also helps in warming the entire house. Read More

"The Feng Shui of Radiant Heat”

I’m proud to have been featured this week as a Warmly Yours guest blogger on the lovely topic of The Feng Shui of Radiant Heat. WarmlyYours creates radiant heating systems such as heated floors, towel bars and more. The technology can make any home feel more comfortable, and from a Feng Shui perspective it’s a wonderful, subtle way to bring the Fire element into your space. Read More

“Radiant Slab Heat – Pros and Cons”

Radiant slab heat is indeed getting more and more popular these days. The popularity is made prominent by the fact that more and more homeowners prefer this heating system to keep their home warm especially during the winter season or on colder days. The need for appropriate warming systems is of course necessary, as this will influence the whole activity of the household. Also, warmth is also necessary for some elderly as there are certain ailments that can be triggered with a cold temperature. Appropriate comfort through necessary heat will be helpful in preventing some seniors from becoming ill. Read More


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