Danielle on her Environ FloorThis week we decided to try something slightly different. We thought we’d let you hear some homeowner’s direct reactions to our radiant heating products. So our marketing team set out to interview a few. Meet Marie and her eleven year old daughter, Danielle. They recently purchased electric floor warming for Danielle’s bedroom. Here’s what they had to say about their new Environ II enhanced room. If you’d like to hear a segment of our interview with Danielle, just click the player below.

You got the Environ II™ for your daughter?
Marie Yes. Her room has a lot of windows and it’s a good size room – so the combination made it hard to heat by our forced air system.

What were you hoping to do with it and why?
Marie My daughter runs very cold – so I wanted to add a level of comfort that would not be achievable any other way. She wanted her room to be warm and cozy and now she has just that. Danielle likes modern stuff. So we decided to install laminate floors with the floor heating. She really likes the new floor - says it makes the room look “clean” as opposed to her old carpet.

Were you there for the install?
Marie I was there for part of it, but once I saw that the installer was very comfortable, I left him on his own. There is really not much to it – no cutting – no adhesive – he just laid the floor heating mat down over the sub-floor and channeled the return leads to the thermostat.

Now that you have gotten to used it, how do you and your daughter like it?
Danielle I like it a lot because my room used to be the coldest and now it’s the warmest.
Marie She loves it! She is so proud to show off that her bedroom is now the warmest – even better is that our favorite pet – our cat Lola - loves it too.

Do you do anything different now since your floor is warm?
Danielle A couple things, my cat Lola always crawls under my rug on my heated floor and takes a nap. One day I got cold and used my rug as a blanket and I slept for 4 hours! I also use it for homework and sleepovers.

How do your friends like your new floor?
Danielle They think I’m really lucky and they wish they had my room. When my older brother’s friends come into my room they say I have a better room than he does.

Is there anything else you’d like me to know about the new floor?
Danielle It’s very easy for me to turn up the warmth or make it lower. It’s easy to control.
Marie I’m thinking of trading rooms with her.

Does your mom ever complain if you turn it up too high?
Danielle Mom doesn’t complain unless I turn it above 90 [degrees].

Would you do other rooms?
Marie Yes, I’m doing my son’s room next. His room is over our garage so you can imagine how cold it gets….

Is the product worth the price, in your opinion?
Marie Absolutely. There was just no other way to get this room cozy and comfortable. Priceless.

There you have it, straight from a homeowner’s mouth!

Interview conducted by Erin Mitmoen