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"Presenting the Radiant Instant Quote Tool ... What's Your IQ?"

We are proud to bring you another Smart Pro Tool to help you grow your business! And, that's why we are shouting this one from the rooftops - the WarmlyYours Instant Quote Tool. We like to call it, IQ, because it's smart, quick, and easy for you and your customers to receive a quote on their floor heating and snow melting projects. Instant Quote on the spot when you need it.

The WarmlyYours Instant Quote (IQ) Smart Pro Tool, a part of the Radiant Smart Pro Tools Collection, puts estimating power directly in your hands, giving you the ability to add a smart, easy-to-use floor heating calculator tool to your own website, without making any major changes. With this, you will reinforce your customers’ confidence in purchasing WarmlyYours electric radiant floor heating products from you, while also giving your employees the power to better serve your customers with their floor heating estimates. Read More

"Installing a Radiant Heat System"

Consistent performance, easy installation and simple climate control—Electric radiant heat warms the home from the floor up. New England mornings can tempt some of the toughest to roll over, turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep. Getting out of bed and stepping onto a cold wood or tile floor can send chills up your spine and set the mood for the day. Research is showing that more and more people are remodeling their homes instead of moving or building new. In addition, 60 percent of homeowners 50 years and older intend to stay in their homes through retirement, which also means aging-in-place remodeling. Read More

"Smart Landscaping Slices Energy Bills"

Effective landscaping can produce environmental benefits in each of the green building categories defined by the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED ranking system: water efficiency, indoor air quality, materials, atmosphere, sustainability and energy. For simple, beautiful landscaping strategies that save energy and money, read on… Read More

"5 Radiant Heating Solutions for Every Area of Life"

What is the easiest task you can accomplish? Is it doing a push up? Letting your dog out? How about counting to five? For most of us, counting to five is a simple, effortless task. And as long as we’re counting to five, we’d like to share five easy radiant heating solutions for any and every area in your life! (Floor heating, radiant heating panels, snow melting, towel warmers, and mirror defoggers) Read More


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