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"Radiant Pro Selling: Engaging Your Customer"

You want to improve your sales, don’t you? Well it’s all about keeping your customers engaged. All it takes is a few additional words placed at the end of your statement. When giving a sales presentation, it is important to keep your customer interested. By keeping them interested you just need to add short questions at the end of your sentence. For example - if you knew that WarmlyYours Snow Melting Cable systems would eliminate the chore of shoveling snow, you’d install one, wouldn’t you? Read More

"After Recession Dip, Townhouse Construction Moving Along Increasing Trend"

Construction of attached single-family housing (townhouses) is increasing both in terms of total units and market share. Per second quarter 2012 Census data of Starts and Completions by Purpose and Design, total townhouse construction increased significantly in recent months, matching a post-Great Recession high set during the homebuyer tax credit period. However, market share remains lower than in past years. Read More

"Radiant Heat vs. Conventional Heat"

What is radiant floor heating? According to a recent study, conducted by the Scientific American, radiant floor heating supplies heat directly to the floor through a variety of energy sources. And, since heat rises, having radiant floor heating can balance the heat’s temperature in a room far better than forced-air conventional heating.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s, Energy Savers Website provides high-level research on electric energy and radiant heating, and their research shows that radiant heating is more efficient than baseboard heating and has a number of advantages. While using radiant floor heating, there is no energy lost through ducts, and additionally there is flexibility in the energy sources that can be used in radiant floor heating. Read More

"Infographic: The Astounding Power Of Pinterest"

In our upcoming October design issue, one of the many fascinating feature stories we’ve lined up is a lengthy profile of Pinterest and its elusive CEO, Ben Silbermann. That story goes live later this week, but until then, I wanted to offer a teaser, in the form of an infographic about Pinterest, created by Fast Company's staff and designed by our own Ted Keller.

In this profusion of figures, you find out a few, key things about the image-sharing service. For one, it’s dominated by women. Second, something about its layout and culture stokes an enormous buying impulse. And third, major brands are getting in on the act. It’s not a stretch to say that soon, at least on retail sites, a Pinterest button might become as ubiquitous as a Facebook Like. Check out the infographic below, or tour the major findings in the slide show above. Read More


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