eco-friendly heating with radiant solutions

With each day that goes by, we are continuing to advance in creating technology that is more efficient in our homes. Heating and cooling systems are no exception. American homes are becoming more eco-friendly with technological advancements, ultimately decreasing CO2 emissions associated with old and inefficient oil-based boilers and natural gas furnaces. By upgrading appliances in your home you can save a significant amount of energy. You can read more about this in our past blog post.

Here’s a question for you: which came first, the heating or cooling system?

If you think back to caveman times, the most basic heating system created was use of fire. Then after that came the fireplace, then the wood-burning stove, ending with the heating systems we have today.

Many air-conditioning systems today are proving to be very impressive and high-tech, yet it’s eco-friendly heating that is on the rise.

Some examples of advancing heating systems would be EPA-certified wood stoves, EcoSmart Fireplaces, and geothermal heating systems.

A popular option is Radiant Heating, which is a non-convection method of low-impact space heating that involves electric tubing systems that are laid underneath a floor. It's much more efficient and comfortable than heating the air, which does not retain heat for very long. Unlike forced air, conventional heating systems, under-floor heating warms your body and the objects surrounding you, rather than heating the air, ultimately eliminating inconsistent room temperatures.

LAVA Radiant Panels are eco-friendly

Another Radiant Heating option is our LAVA® radiant heating panel. One of the key benefits of LAVA® radiant heating panels are that it is proven to reduce your heating expenses by an average of 12% annually, making it environmentally friendly. You can learn more about our LAVA® panels from this blog.

Two other popular forms of eco-friendly heating for your home are active solar energy heating, which uses solar energy to heat fluids, and passive solar energy heating, which involves the home’s location, climate, and materials to minimize energy use.

When it comes to saving energy, never underestimate the power of energy efficient heating. Heating systems have been utilized for thousands of years and therefore are continually advancing and becoming more eco-friendly. WarmlyYours Radiant Heating systems offer you the opportunity to create the energy efficient and eco-friendly home of your dreams. You are just a few clicks away to positively impacting the environment while improving your own quality of life.

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