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Case Study: LUX 74 – New York

Standing 7-stories tall at 433 East 74th Street in New York City is a mid-block condominium apartment that is one of the most elegant post-war buildings on the Upper East Side. Developed by Josh Guberman of...

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Five Great Themes For Your Bathroom

There are a number of ways to redesign, remodel or redecorate your bathroom to new effect. Two popular ways to rethink your bathroom are via green technology (energy-efficient and water-saving toilets,...

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What Your Living Room Design Scheme Says About You

Our rooms say a lot about us, beyond just messy, clean or colorblind. They reveal hidden character and aspects of ourselves we might not even readily recognize on our own. When we design a room, we're...

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Designing The Perfect Foyer And Entryway For Your Home

The first room guests see when they enter your home isn't usually a room at all. Foyers exist somewhere between that and a hallway - functional and elegant, cursory but incredibly important. While you...

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