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How To Design Your Home Office For Year Round Productivity

A home office is one of the nicest touches a house can have - a quiet, professional space touched by personal aesthetic and business-like efficiency. But while having the space is a luxury, using it...

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Only Days Left to Save 20% on Our LAVA® Radiant Panels

If you love beautiful design, then you will love our impeccably designed LAVA® radiant heating panels ! These radiant panels have been the talk at every show and conversation of late that we've had, and...

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Six Tips For Designing A Comfy Breakfast Nook

No matter the size of your dining room, when you want to have an intimate early morning breakfast while sharing the Sunday paper or a pancake feast with the whole family, a breakfast nook is by far the...

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The Pleasures Of A Long Hot Shower

There's a reason why so many great inventors, novelists and scientists claim to have their best ideas in the shower. Most of the day, people rush around from task to task, intent on getting as much done...

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