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Beat the Toronto Winter Chill with Affordable Radiant Floor Heating

Toronto Skyline at Dusk for Kitchen Floor heating Blog

Although Toronto is known for a picturesque skyline and many beautiful parks, during the winter season those parks are frequently covered with snow. Snowstorms, sometimes mixed with ice and rain, can disrupt work and travel schedules, while accumulating snow can fall anytime from November until mid-April. 

Additionally, throughout the winter months, temperatures usually fall below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). Periodically Toronto suffers cold snaps when maximum temperatures remain below −10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) that often feel colder with the wind chill factor. Temperatures can even drop below −25 degrees Celsius (−13 degrees Fahrenheit) on occasion. But there’s welcome relief from all that cold. Incorporating radiant floor heating into your home can easily minimize the bitter effects of a Toronto winter bringing soothing warmth and comfort to your daily life.

Create a More Functional Home Office with Low Cost Floor Heating 

These Toronto homeowners had recently decided to turn a rarely used bedroom into a useful home office. One concern was that the room faced the northeast and was always colder than the rest of the house. As they were remodeling, it simply made sense to add electric floor heating so that the room would be a comfortable temperature to work in. They chose a 1.5- by 45-foot Environ™ Flex Roll to install in the 112-ft² space for $730.00 at a cost of just under $11.00 per square foot. (see floor plan)

Home Office Floor Plan with Environ Flex Roll
Home Office Floor Plan with Environ Flex Roll

It’s also a good idea to evaluate the cost to operate the system. According to WarmlyYours’s Operating Cost Calculator it only costs 40 cents to heat this office for eight hours a day and our Heat Loss Calculator suggests it costs just $29.82 to heat the office during the coldest month of the year. This system can be a primary heat source for the room without incurring additional heating bills which is an added benefit. 

Check Out the Variety of Floor Heating Control Options 

Touch thermostats White - Black UDG4-4999 UDG4-4999-B

A floor heating system is only as good as its thermostat. That's why WarmlyYours offers a full range of radiant heating controls with the newly introduced nSpiration Series of Thermostats. There are a wide variety of options; from the nSpire Touch WiFi thermostat that is fully programmable with WiFi enabled remote control to the nHance thermostat that is reasonably priced and features an easy to read backlit display.

With a model to accommodate any and every application along with lifestyle preferences, it’s easy for you to select a floor heating control that’s perfect for you. However, if you want advice on what would be the best option for your individual lifestyle, or just have a question please call us at (800) 875-5285 and one of our many friendly, knowledgeable radiant heating experts will be glad to assist you.

Easy to Use Online Tools Simplify and Streamline Your Project

WarmlyYours free online Instant Quote Tool simplifies the process of getting a quote for any room in your home. Just enter your project information and you’ll receive a side-by-side comparison of the recommended products along with their costs. In addition, the tool can give you quotes on more than just in-floor heating projects. With the frequency of snow cover during the winter, Toronto homeowners may want to consider installing a snow-melting system to save them the backbreaking labor of shoveling or plowing snow from their driveways, walkways and patios. Just as it does with floor heating, the Instant Quote Tool will provide product recommendations and their costs for snow-melting applications.

Home Office with modern furniture and wood floor

To further assist you in getting your project smoothly underway, WarmlyYours suggests you get a SmartPlan™ custom installation plan for your room. For your convenience, there are several ways to send in your plan; you can submit a floor plan online or send it to your account manager via email (sales@warmlyyours.com) or just fax it (800-408-1100). 

Commercial offices can benefit too by pampering their employees during their work hours. Adding radiant heating to their office floors does just that. Research proves that cold and chilly rooms reduce work efficiency and productivity, so it’s a great way to increase your staff’s productivity in the office while providing them with luxury and comfort at the same time. Win, win.

There are several convenient ways to reach us if you have any questions; 1) You can just call us at 800-875-5285, 2) live chat us at https://www.warmlyyours.com/en-CA/, or 3) email us sales@warmlyyours.com. 

Whether you reside in Toronto or another city that could benefit from heated floors or other related products, WarmlyYours has a radiant solution for you.

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