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Commercial Snow Melting For A Local Business In Lincolnshire, IL

Snow Melting SystemsPro/Craft Contracting, a contractor based in Gurnee, IL, discovered WarmlyYours snow-melting capabilities through our website. The project he was bidding on required heating a stairway and landing for a local business. Finding a solution to fit this application was a challenge. Two zones needed to be heated. Zone # 1 was 12 concrete stair treads that were 48" wide. Usually, WarmlyYours designs for two passes of cable per tread, but in this case, with the long cable length and the lower wattage, 3 passes would have to be used to successfully cover each step with enough heat. We specified two identical custom-made mineral insulated snowmelt cable assemblies. Each cable was 159 ft, 240 V, and each would deliver approx. 3,450 watts (21 watts per lineal ft). Normally, the heating cable for a snow melting application is designed to approx. 27 to 30 watts per ft but we shortened the spacing with 3 passes to increase the wattage per square foot to the right level. Zone #2 was a 66 sq ft concrete landing. With 5" spacing, the 2nd cable fit perfectly into this area, generating sufficient heat to melt the snow.

The rest of the specification was simple enough to "break." Our automatic controller provided snow detection with an aerial mounted snow sensor complete with manual override on the front cover. A simple relay panel was provided for load switching.

All WarmlyYours snow melting cable systems come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty designed to provide consumer peace of mind.

Snow Melting InstallationSnow Melting Installation 2Snow Melting Installation 3

Other applications for outdoor radiant heating cables include heated driveways, sidewalks and gutter deicing.

Chad Braker, Snow Melting Expert

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